In the embarrassing world cup defeat in 1950 who did Brazil lose to ?

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The two embarrassing world cup defeats in 1950

The 1950 world cup was a historic world cup, it had a lot of suprises and these two are some of the most shocking defeats in history. The two teams in this article where expected to possibly win the world cup. One side got a lot further but these defeats were still embarrassing for their nation, but this shows anything is possible in football. In this article i will be talking about the embarrassing world cup defeats in 1950

England- 1950 Losing to America

England has won the world cup one in 1966 and has had many other close shaves, unexpected failures and bad luck. An example, losing to Argentina 2-1 due to Maradona’s hand of God and his beautiful second goal and losing to West Germany on penalties in 1990, but with this embarrassing moment, they cannot complain as this should have been a straightforward for the English. They headed into the 1950 World cup with legitimate chances of winning the world cup and when played an American side which was full of amateur players you would have thought they would have steamrolled their opposition. However, a goal from Joe Gaetjens who was born in Haiti gave America a shock victory despite England leaving there best player Stanley Matthews on the bench there should be no excuses they this was reported back to England as they fought there was a printing mistake for a 10-1 result to England.

Brazil- 1950 Losing to Uruguay

Brazil has won the world cup five times in 1958,1962, 1970,1994 and also in 2002. However, the 1950 world cup should have been their first triumph, and the defeat to Uruguay would be labelled the Maracanazo, it is the worst defeat in Brazilian history. We considered the 7-1 loss to Germany in 2014 but the impact of this debacle was massive, for example, this failure inspired Pele to tell his dad that was going to win the world cup for his dad. The 1950 world cup final was supposed to be the crowning moment they had swept everyone before them, and they had celebrated days before the final, and the Brazilians had made a song that will never be performed. One of the saddest things about this game was that even if they drew the game, they would have still won the competition. At their home stadium of the Maracana, they took a one-nil lead thanks to Frica and fans thought it was the crowning moment, but these next forty minutes changed Brazilians history and football and probably changed the country. Juan Schiaffino equalised in the sixty-seventh minute, and the next goal caused a national tragedy, Alcides Ghiggia raced down the wing and took a shot that shouldn’t have beaten Barbosa who never recovered from that. Two hundred thousands people fell into silence, the consequences were fatal as one fan committed suicide, Brazil did not play a competitive game for two years, and they changed their kit colour from white to green and yellow. The Brazilian manager had to pretend to be a nanny according to the Brazilian media.

Despite the defeat, Brazil has went on to win five world cups and England have won one world cup.

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